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Are you Eligible?

How we work

RAPID is a free asymptomatic screening service for HIV and other STIs, staffed by highly trained peers.


Because we are not doctors, nurses or pathologists, there are some limits to when and what we can test. Before coming to RAPID, make sure you read below to check if we will be able to help you completely during your visit.  No one likes disappointment.

Things to check

We are an asymptomatic screening service only and aren’t doctors or nurses.  See a GP/doctor, or Sexual Health Service for assessment, testing and treatment.  The faster you see them, the faster the symptoms can be addressed. 

We can't test you have STI related symptoms such as: burning, itching, stinging, or leaking.

Our test can only check if blood contains syphilis antibodies. If you've had syphilis before, you may still have those, even after successful treatment.  Go see a s100 Prescriber or Sexual Health Clinic to request testing for syphilis and let them know you have had syphilis previously.

We can't test for syphilis if you've had it before

We are often busy and the wait can be a little lengthy at times.  As we can only fit a certain number of clients into our clinics, we need to close the clinic when we reach capacity.  We apologise in advance if this impacts you. You can search for other places that offer testing here.

We might not be able to test you if the clinic is at capacity

RAPID provides testing for only HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. If you need testing or have concerns about other infections, please see your GP/doctor or local Sexual Health Clinic.

If you need testing for STI's we don't provide testing for, we might not be the right place.

For the well being of our staff and clients, please wait until your symptoms are resolved, abide by any government restrictions in place, and then see us. Oh, and please wear a mask on your visit.

Please don't visit if you have a diagnosed case of COVID-19 or Influenza

RAPID cannot provide viral load testing for HIV, so check in with your regular GP/doctor, s100 Prescriber, or Sexual Health Clinic. However, we are always delighted to provide regular screening to PLHIV for for chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis , where appropriate.

We can't provide viral load testing

Treatment for chlamydia is very effective, but the dead copies of the chlamydia bacteria can take up to 4 weeks for your body to get rid of after you finish the treatment.  Testing within this period may still detect these dead cells, so we can't test for chlamydia in this period.

If you've had treatment for chlamydia in the past 4 weeks, we can't test yet.

Treatment for gonorrhoea is effective, but the dead copies of the gonorrhoea bacteria can take up to 2 weeks for your body to get rid of after you finish the treatment.  Testing within this period may still detect these dead cells, so we can't test for gonorrhoea during this period..

If you've had treatment for gonorrhoea in the past 2 weeks, we can't test yet.

This could be for a PrEP script, if you are a sex worker and you need a doctors certificate, or if you require a written result for immigration or another legal reason.  Only doctors can provide written results, so see a GP/doctor or Sexual Health Clinic if this is your reason for testing. 

If you need a written result, see a doctor instead of testing with us.

We have a zero-tolerance policy at RAPID towards abuse, violence, and stigma.  We are here to help, not be hurt.

We won't test you if you are abusive, threatening or violent to us or our clients

Can't visit our clinics? Test for HIV at home

Level 1/725 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, 4006

07 3013 5566

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