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About Us


RAPID is a free testing service for HIV and other STIs, staffed by highly trained peers who are not doctors or nurses. We’re a safe space for anyone and everyone to get tested. The service is designed to make the testing experience as easy as possible: it’s open after hours, it’s free, you don’t need a Medicare card, and you don’t need an appointment. Sex is a normal thing and we don’t care about who you’re having it with, just as long as you’re getting tested. Visit our locations page for contact details.

Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV

The involvement of people living with HIV (PLHIV) in all aspects of our service is a priority for RAPID. The lived experience of HIV is vital as it brings unique viewpoints, skills, and knowledge to the work that we do.  PLHIV add incredible benefit to program development, policy making, and service delivery, as their perspectives are invaluable in informing the acceptability and relevance of our service.

About Queensland Positive People

RAPID's parent organisation, Queensland Positive People (QPP), is a peer-led, community-based organisation committed to improving the lives of all people living with HIV across Queensland. QPP offers the following services: 

  • Social and emotional support

  • Social groups

  • Peer navigation to navigate the complex environment of HIV diagnosis, treatment and care.

  • Practical assistance with accessing medications, clinical services, food, housing and other essential support services

  • Information and support with stigma, discrimination, migration and the law.

Additional information about QPP can be found on their website, here.

Here to help, not be hurt

We have a zero tolerance policy at RAPID towards abuse, violence, and stigma.  We focus on respectfully informing our clients about HIV/STIs and reducing stigma around HIV and sexual health in general.

Level 1/725 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, 4006

07 3013 5566

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